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     Starting my freshman year at BU I had heard The Voice Newspaper was the thing to join if I was looking for an outlet to expand my photography skills. So my second day at the Activities Fair I Joined. Little did I know The Voice would give me the opportunity to cover every campus event, meet so many people, teach photography to my staff, and make so many awesome connections on campus that by senior year everyone was contacting me directly to cover their events! Starting sophomore year my superior graduated and I became the Photography Editor. As the editor I was in charge of delivering the photos or illustrations to each of the section editors by Wednesday night for the pages to be submitted each week. I overlooked a staff of between five and ten students at any given time. Covering just about every event on campus. Over my four years involved with The Voice we had two office changes, and events were constantly changing, this is where I really developed flexibility and patience. The Voice has evolved me into the photographer and person I am today. As my senior year I was the longest standing ever on the newspaper staff continuously. The Voice has forever helped my college experience become more than I could have ever imagined.

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