It is always important to know your photographer, please dont ever hire someone you met online, and not meet with them in person! Being comfortable with the person who will be photographing your special day is extremely important!

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CNK Photography was started 5 years ago this year and we are ecstatic to create even more lasting memories for our clients in the years to come! One way we ensure that our brides and grooms enjoy the experience is through forming a relationship with our couples. More than just he is my photographer, a bride or groom should connect with and trust their photographer. We love getting to know our clients through the engagement session, this gives you a chance to warm up in front of the camera and be familiar with the way we work before the big day. When your wedding day arrives we’ll feel like old friends and you’ll be ready to rock and roll. 


Trust us when we say nobody will work harder to capture everything about your day! When we say we would love to photograph your wedding, it is an understatement! We will do everything we can to make your images the absolute best they can be! We often can't sleep before  a wedding because our minds are going a million miles a minute with ideas and we hope it shows with our personality!


Our favorite moments are those where you are in your own little candid moment with the love of your life and it’s like we are not even there.  We assist in guiding you, but we also step back and let you be yourselves so we can tell your true story and let your personalities shine through.

We love our job and wouldn't rather be doing anything else other capturing life behind the lens! We look forward to not only being just your photographer, in the end becoming a friend too!

We as a company get asked all the time, what is different about your photography? The very simple answer is we listen. We are not here to photograph your wedding for our portfolio or for some bridal magazine, we listen to the photographs you want to see on your wedding day!


We would love to hear from you whether it is an interest in my photography or just to say hi! Please follow the contact tab so that we can answer any questions you may have! Hope to talk to you soon!

We love what we do!

Cole Kresch
Photographer, Owner

    Hey there! My name is Cole Kresch! I am the owner of CNK Photography! 

I started this company five years ago to capture the special moments in life, and now it has become so much more than just a "job". It's become a family! We love following our clients after the wedding day, some are having little ones and some are traveling the world.

I look forward to becoming more than just your photographer on your wedding day or during your senior portraits! I'd love to capture your special moments in life for years to come!

In my free time, I love the outdoors at our family cabin in the Poconos! I also am on a mission to visit every national park in the 50 States! I have accomplished about 35 thus far!

When I'm not taking photos, I'm with my wife Kassy, and our two Goldens, Remington and Ruger!!

Meet the Team

Thomas Stitzer is one of our lead photographers here at CNK!


Tom has been with us from just about the beginning! He started back in 2017 with us as a second photographer and now in 2020 he will be lead photographing several weddings this year! Since Tom has been with us so long he and Cole's style are almost exact! So therefore whomever is available for your wedding day you will be getting the same experience and photographs back from us!!

If we are currently booked for a wedding already he may be available to be your lead photographer for your wedding day! So contact us today to see our availability!!

In his free time Tom enjoys the outdoors and especially cars and motorcycles! He is originally from Dallas, Pa and currently lives in the Philadelphia Area! 

Thomas Stitzer

Thomas Stitzer

Lead Photographer

Each member of our team goes through training with us by shadowing our team on wedding days! They all have the experience and knowledge of photographing the small things that most people dont notice! Our team of second photographers are there to help anyway they can! 

Andrew Turnure

Andrew Turnure

Also owns Andrew Turnure Media

Tanner Chowns

Tanner Chowns

Our newest photographer!

Kaylie Vrabel

Kaylie Vrabel

Heads our Boudoir Photography

Jacob East

Jacob East

One of our talented 2nd Photographers

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